How do I manage Leads?

The Leads campaign at Flingah allows you to logically organise and manage your growing database when following them up.


For instance, when you seek to make contact with your Leads at Flingah you have the option to label each of them for you and your team's reference to stay on top of your following-up process. It also prevents unwanted repeated calls to your Leads.


Labels available:

New Lead; Contact Made; No Response; Left Message; Wrong Number or Closed



To access your Leads:

1. Click on the Action drop down menu for your Keyword and select View Responses.


2.  Your table of Leads will be displayed. For each Lead you can further label them into categories on their drop down menu ie. contact made, left message. This will increase the efficiency of future use of your new database.




You can also make notes on individual responses. This is particularly useful to add any extra information regarding the Lead:


1. Click the View tab for the response you want to make a note on.


2. Create the note in the empty field. Click Save. To view or edit your note later, simply repeat these two steps. 



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