How do customers redeem?

How to Redeem

When customers present their unique code, you have two ways to redeem the code. 


1. Go to your Key Word List on the Dash Board.



2. Click on the Action drop down menu for your Keyword, select View Redemption Codes.


Two ways to Redeem

On this page you can either save the URL link onto your device ie. pc, smartphone or tablet and use the URL for direct access and manage your code redemptions. This way you can skip steps of logging into the Flingah website.


Or, use the page you are now on and click Redeem for the applicable code. (Refer to image below).

At Flingah, we highly recommend saving and using the URL as it is more user friendly.



Saving and using the URL

1. Copy and paste the URL to a new page on your browser.


2. Your landing page will ask for a redemption code:

Enter the presented redemption code. Click Submit.


3. Once a code is redeemed, a pop up will notify you the number of times that code has been redeemed.

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