How do I run Leads?

1. Click Keywords on your Dashboard.


2. Click Keyword List on your drop down menu.


3. On this Keyword List page, choose the Keyword you wish to action and click on the drop down menu. Click Assign to Leads.


4. You can choose to put a Tag on your campaign ie. TV ads or Radio ads or New Year database. This is optional and designed to help you identify different campaigns in your Reporting.


5. Enter an optional Close Date for your campaign.


6. Enter a frequency limit for number of texts allowed per customer.


7. Type a bounce-back message for customers for this campaign. Click Create Leads once finished.


8. Once your customers start responding to your campaign you can view your Leads. Click on the Action drop down menu for your Keyword and select View Responses.


9. A full table of your accumulated leads will be displayed, showing times, phone numbers and their message content. 


10. For each lead you can further label them into categories ie. contact made, left message. This will increase the efficiency of future use of your new database.



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