How do I run Surveys?

1. Click Keywords on your Dashboard.


2. Click Keyword List on your drop down menu.


3. On this page, choose the word you wish to action and click on the drop down menu. Click Assign to Surveys. 


4. You can choose to put a Tag on your campaign. This is optional and aims to help you identify different campaigns in your Reporting.


5. Enter a Close date (optional). And tick how many times a customer can respond under Limits.


6. Provide the selection of answers available for your survey.


7. Create your bounce back message for your customers after they have participated in your Survey.


8. Click Create Survey.


To View the Responses of your Survey:


1. Click Campaigns on your Dashboard, then Surveys.


2. On this page, choose the Keyword you wish to action and click on the drop down menu. Click on View Responses which will take you to your Survey responses.






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