How do I start a Free Trial?

1. On the first page of the website, click Free Trial.


2. Enter your name, email address and a password. Click Start Free Trial. A verification email will be sent to you. Please also check your spam folder.


3. Click Activate Account. This will take you to a Log In page.


4. Enter your details, and select Remember me for auto-login convenience for future visits. Click Sign in.



5. You will arrive on your account's main landing page called the Dashboard. A prompt will remind you of your trial status which means you can only trial the Txt 4 Info campaign. To start, click Find Your Keywords.


6. Enter your chosen Keyword, click Search. If the Keyword is available for use (ie. no other paying customer is currently using this word) click Add Keyword.


7. Click on the link to go to your Keyword List page.


8. There is a drop down menu for your new Keyword. Click it and select Assign to Txt 4 Info to start the set up for your SMS campaign.


9. Enter the relevant details and click Create Txt 4 Info to launch your first trial campaign! Your trial period will last 7 days and has a limit of 10 bounce back messages.


10. To view your text responses please search "Where can I view my responses?" in the FAQ search bar for directions.

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