What is Measure Reports?

Measure Reports is a page where all the reporting of your various campaigns are compiled together for comparison. There is a Pie Graph and a Table of Response Count.


To view Measure Report, access it from your Dashboard:


Choosing the number of Campaigns to view

We recommend you select only two Campaigns to compare. To do this, check the Campaigns your want and click Submit. By measuring only two Campaigns, you can make direct comparisons regarding each one's effectiveness. 


Selecting a Date Range


At the top of your page, you can check the time/ date range you would like to view your data. You can even customise specific dates you'd like to view the data. Enter your date range and click Submit.



Viewing your Pie Graph with Tag Labels

You can choose to view your Pie Graph using your Tag Labels. For instance, your Tag Labels could be the two different mediums you advertised on.  


Select "Display by Tag" and click Submit. Your Pie Graph will now display the campaigns with Tags only. This will be clearer identification for reporting purposes to compare the performance of ads on TV vs Radio.




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