How do I run Txt Chat?

1. Click Keywords on your Dashboard.


2. Click Keyword List on your drop down menu.


3. On this Keyword List page, choose the Keyword you wish to action and click on the drop down menu. Click Assign to Txt Chat.


4. You can choose to put a Tag on your campaign ie. TV ads or Radio ads. This is optional and aims to help you identify different campaigns in your Reporting. Continue by clicking Create Txt Chat.


5. Once customer texts come in, you can view them by repeating step 1 and 2. Then click the Action drop down menu select View Responses. 


6. Here you will see all your customers' texts. Click on the blue writing icon to reply to each message. Enter your response and click Reply. 


8. The Txt Chat will continue so long as customers start messages with your Keyword i.e. Talk. You can continue to reply on your Responses page.


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