How do I run Txt 4 Info?

For this Campaign, you have two options. To send customers a message through SMS or SMS with an Email.


1. Click Keywords on your Dashboard.


2. Click Keyword List on your drop down menu.


3. On this page, choose the word you wish to action and click on its drop down menu. Click Assign to Txt 4 Info.


4. You can choose to put a Tag on your campaign ie. Magazine ad or TV ad. This is optional and aims to help you identify different campaigns in your Reporting. You can also choose an optional Close date.

Email or Text:

To respond to customer via Text, Click Text under Response Type.

1. Type a bounce back message you want to send customers for this campaign ie. Events details or your SMS business card.


To respond to customer via Email, click Email under Response Type. 


1. Type a bounce back message to notify them of a successful email sign up. This message is sent as a text. (NB. Remember to advertise to your customers to text in their email after the keyword to receive your promotional material).


2. Type an Email message to send to customers.



3. Enter an email address you would like your promotional emails to originate from. Click on Choose File to attach other files ie. PDF vouchers or brochures.


Congratulations! Click Create Txt 4 Info and your Flingah campaign will commence instantly. This will take you back to your Keyword List.



Please note: Once you start a campaign with either Text or Email, you will not be able to change this Response Type. To do so, you will need to add another keyword and repeat this process. 

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